Paul Janicke


* Janicke distributes all of his PowerPoint slides at the beginning of the semester with the slides printed on the left hand page only, the right page is left blank. This makes note taking a piece of cake b/c you can add you own supplementary notes on the blank page and spend the rest of the time listening rather than scrambling to copy his overheads. The PowerPoints are very comprehensive and you won't have many extra notes to take.

* Calling on people: When Janicke calls on people by name its almost inevitably to answer one of the problems from the casebook, so read them. If you don't know or haven't read the problem, he doesn't go nuts, he just moves on to the next student down the line. Nobody got called on more than once the whole semester.

* Pet peeves: The only thing Janicke warned us about was that he gets really angry when he sees people whispering and laughing when he's teaching. He says its one thing to lean in and tell somebody what page number we're on (or whatever), but he'll fly off the handle if he thinks you're screwing around.

* Exam: Janicke let us vote as to whether we wanted three small tests during the semester that would be worth 10% of our overall grade (we voted in favor of having them). They were pretty straightforward. There was a total of maybe 26 questions over all 3 mini exams. His exam was all multiple choice. Familiarize yourself with the Hearsay Quiz (page 183 in the casebook) - Janicke will go over the answers in class. The exam was a 3 hour paper and the majority of people were finished and had left after 2.5 hours. The exam fairly reflected the coverage given to different areas during the semester and there were no nasty surprises.

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