Joe Sanders

Products Liability, Torts

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Joe Sanders is a nice guy and this was an enjoyable class. Fairly pertinent as it turns out because products liability is a reasonably popular topic for testing on the multistate (multiple choice) torts questions (but that isn't reason enough in itself to take this class...take it if you are interested). I have an interest in products liability and in the summer following this class I worked on a products liability litigation team at Fulbright; what I learned from Sanders was pertinent and useful, which made for a refreshing change. Joe would start each class by reading us highlights from a products liability journal, or Verdict Search, filling us in on current events in the products liability world; I thought that was cool.

Sanders did call on people, though he usually didn't remember where he left off last and would ask someone to volunteer to tell him who was next to be called on. He would stay with that person typically for the discussion of a whole case, but his questions were such that he was more asking you what your opinion is, rather than to give a strict rendition of the facts. He didn't get on people who hadn't read for class.

The exam was a fair reflection of the material taught. It was a closed book exam if I remember correctly. Our class was relatively small: about 20 students.