Jim Hawkins

Contracts, Consumer Law

Anonymously contributed contracts outline, Grade Aadded 12-02-2012
Shorter version of the above contracts outline, Grade Aadded 12-02-2012
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Anonymously contributed contract outline, Grade A, Fall 2010
Anonymously contributed A- outline for contracts
Anonymously contributed A outline for contracts

 The following review was submitted to me anonymously on March 1, 2012:

Hawkins is awkwardly amazing. He is a huge nerd, but really makes an effort to throw in jokes to keep the class entertained. He really knows his stuff and can always answer questions, both in class and during office hours. He hosts a Bagels with Hawkins that I really recommend you attend. It's a great opportunity to talk with him about non-class stuff, and you can see he really is a great guy. Take advantage of the tutor - ours had office hours and also answered questions by email. Hawkins gives a midterm halfway through the semester which is helpful as you can see what his tests are like and its given in a timed environment. He also publishes all his old exams - I recommend waiting until the study days to run through these and actually time yourself to get a feel. The exam is very time crunched. Exam consists of 2 policy questions, 3 issue spotters. This year, he gave us an hour of no typing before 3 hours of typing. Use this time WISELY and really outline/plan your answers. I would also practice with this time limit. A good way to get points with Hawkins is to refer back to the cases. "This is like _____ where the court found there was no offer because ____."