Aaron Bruhl


Civil Procedure, Statutory Interpretation


Civil Procedure Outline 2011 – anonymous – Grade A - added 05-27-2012
Civil Procedure Outline 2011 – anonymous
added 05-27-2012

Statutory Interpretation Outline - Grade A minus - (cheat sheet style) added 07/06/2010
Civ Pro Outline, contributed anonymous
added 09-04-2008
Civil Procedure Outline - anonymous added 04-23-2008


The following review was submitted anonymously in May 2008:


I had Aaron Bruhl for Civil Procedure in the summer 2007.  It was the first class I took in law school and it might have been one of the first classes he taught at UHLC.  He is a super intellectual guy - very nice, quiet, and thoughtful. He was always on time and well prepared and would insert humor in his lectures at very unexpected times.  He wore a suit and tie for every class, but wears jeans and vans when he's not teaching. He divided the class up on the first day, alphabetically, and would randomly call on anyone within the assigned group each day for questions over the assigned reading. Many times he asked for volunteers but eventually, you're going to get called on.  So although I wouldn't recommend getting behind, you only had to be really prepared every 6th or 7th class, and you knew when that day was from the schedule. He was very responsive to questions and didn't mind saying if he wasn't sure about something. He would always come back with an answer the next class. I don't think we had to stand up when we answered.  He did get a little riled (which meant he issued a very polite mandate) about a student that set up a desk recorder.  So don't try that. He gave us a practice exam about half way through the semester so we could see what his tests would be like - and then he went over it in class, including the scope and detail of the answers he expected. I know when I did the practice test, I didn't time it (as suggested) and thought I would never get through it.  Don't be afraid to talk to him about your practice exam in a scheduled meeting. The final exam was all essay, open book (text and FRCP), and it seems like you could use your own outline - but not a commercially prepared one.  In the final you needed to be able to spot issues - he expected very detailed answers. He recommended Glannon's supplement and I found it to be very helpful. Overall, he was a very good professor and I wouldn't hesitate to take another class from him.