Prof Richard Saver


The following advice was anonymously contributed:

*** START *** Not much here. He has a dry sense of humor, and is very organized in class. He arrives early each day to put an outline of what he hopes to cover during the day, and the outline is very helpful for the final outline for the course. He calls on people and tends to stick with that person throughout most of the class. In our section only about 75% of the class was called on over the course of the entire semester. If the person getting grilled gets stuck, be advised that the person next to him/her (the "co-counsel") will likely be his target for additional help. He divides the class up so that you only have to worry about being "on" every 3rd week. Additionally, if you don't want to get called on, don't stick out. Bright red shirts, ball caps, etc. seem to strike his attention so that he is more likely to call on you. Finally...DO NOT LEAVE YOUR CELL PHONE ON DURING HIS CLASS. He makes a point of this on the first day of class, and he means it. When a phone goes off, he nearly explodes, but silently waits until his blood cools down and then continues after the 1-2 minute awkward period of silence. *** END ***

This advice was also anonymously contributed:

*** START *** Richard Saver was by far most of Section A's favorite professor last year . His final was fair and very much like his practice midterm exam. *** END ***

Torts 1 Outline, Prof Saver (thanks to Carl Galant)
Saver Torts Outline (thanks to Thuy Huynh)
Business Organizations Outline-Spring 2005

Business Organizations:

"Professor Savor is awesome.  He has a dry sense of humor which he injects into his lectures.  Pay attention because not only will you learn, but you will laugh.  Biz Org. with Savor by far was the best class I have taken at UH."