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Chase is a character.  He calls on students at random and you stand to answer questions - he may keep you up for a brief answer, but generally, once he has you up on your feet, you are going to be there the entire class period.  He likes to have his selected student or students tell about the case, then he starts asking your opinion.  He might call on someone else and get their opinion and when he can spark a controversy, he is in his element.  Some people were never called on in class.  Some were called on frequently.  Always be prepared for this class or you will be embarrased.    He never gave up any information about the final exam or what to expect until the very end - claiming he hadn't made it so he didn't know. There were no study materials allowed in the exam.  It was multiple choice, short answer, and essay.  The MC questions were barbri type questions (exactly like barbri questions) so if you work a bunch of those, you will likely see something familiar on the exam.  There was no way to predict the short answer questions so just keep reviewing your notes and maybe you'll get lucky.  One of his essay questions was a policy question.  That meant you had to come up with your own problem and solution. This seemed to stump a lot of people who wasted a lot of time trying to think of a social problem and how it might be cured through contract law. My advice is make one up in an area you are most familiar with, come up with a solution, and move on.  The year before I took Chase, he gave the class 178 MC question exam - I think that was probably tougher than our exam.   Chase is a Harvard graduate, entrepreneur and likes politics.  He is actively involved with Obama's campaign - so he talks a lot about that (so active that he held a fundraiser at his house complete with secret service for a couple hundred people).  He has season tickets to the Rockets and the Astros and often "raffles" away a pair or two of tickets during the semester. From what I hear, they were really good seats to see the Astros.  He also sits on the board of the Federal Reserve so he goes to their monthly meetings, and is a great source for learning about that process (plus you miss a class every month). He also sits on the board for the medical center and recently sold his telecommunications company to ATT (I think that is correct).  He talked about his family and especially his father - and told law school stories.  He was entertaining to say the least - he even took out the black AmEx card one night and bought rounds...gotta love that!

The following was added by Carter: I had Tony Chase for Contracts in the spring semester of 2003. Here's the deal: just about everyone in the class thought Chase was a nice guy and probably more than half the class found him pretty entertaining, but he's pretty full of himself, devotes a lot of class time to off-topic stuff, and cancelled more classes than any professor I ever had at UHLC. His final exam annoyed a lot of people because it didn't accurately reflect what was taught during the semester, it was a cut-and-paste job from a BarBri prep book or something.