Greg Vetter


I.P. Survey, Property

IP Survey outline – Fall 2012 – grade B+ added 02-24-2013
Anonymously contributed Property Outlines, Grade A [this is a zip file since it contains several short outlines, one per topic] added 12-02-2012

The following review was contributed anonymously in 2004:

He will divide the class into 3 groups and rotate which group is "on" a week at a time.  Once he calls on a person in a group once, he marks them off and doesn't call on them again, so you only have to get hit once.  He is meticulous with his slides and posts everything including recordings of his classes online for the students to use.  He's a really nice guy in general.

Vetter's IP Survey finals tend to be a bit long and fact intensive, but he is relatively new at teaching and is making an effort to tweak his finals to get them to the appropriate length.  Since he has never taught property before, be prepared for a final that is a bit too long for the time allotted, but don't worry too much about it since everyone will be in the same boat.  The fact pattern should be relatively straightforward regardless of the length of the final. He allowed his IP class to bring anything they wanted into the final (hopefully he will do the same for property).  This is very helpful if you have an outline that you made yourself because you will be able to quickly reference it and make the most of your time. It is far less helpful to bring in someone else's outline or a canned just won't have time to use an outline that you don't know cold.