Jordan Paust

International Law

Anonymously contributed International Law Outline added 01-25-2010

The following review was submitted December 2012:

First- Paust is very knowledgeable in this area and has his own opinions of important topics which you’ll read in the case book. He is very approachable in office hours and will make the class work for you if you take the initiative to go see him. Most of the outlines online are terrible, I ended up re-outlining everything from the beginning instead and making a checklist of topics to hit and in what order to hit them.


Do Not Forget your Document Supplement. Buy it/rent it, don’t think the course/class works without it because it makes the entire course make sense.


Second- The best way to definitely get an A in this class is to

1        Do the reading- leave room in your case briefs/reading outlines for his answers to the notes after the case.

2        Outline daily- from day 1:

a        Big takeaways/ main point of each lecture

3        Focus on:

a        Self-Executable v. Non-Self Executable treaties

b        Causes of Action for Victims (Aliens v. U.S. Nationals)

c        Jurisdiction over criminals

d        Immunity for Foreign Sovereigns

e        What current event is he interested in? It will probably show up in your exam


Third- the Exam-  This is an open book exam- but if you pay attention in class and do the above prep, instead of surfing the web, gaming, watching hulu/netflix, or sleeping like all of your classmates, you probably do not need to worry too much because 95 points of the test come from the True/False section. The True/False section is incredibly fair. 85 points come from two essays.  Typically the T/F takes 1.5 hours, and then 1.5 hours for the essay (20min/70min split).


Last but not least- this is a great study with a partner class.