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The following review was submitted anonymously on May 8, 2011:


She's hands-down the best professor I've had at UH Law. Most importantly, she knows every subject she teaches inside and out, but she also loves sports, particularly college football, and she's funny, cute, and sarcastic. I took her for Secured Finance class in the Fall and every Monday she'd have results from last week's games as the first slide; on Wednesday, that slide would be the matchups for next weekend. It's worth noting she possesses more than passing knowledge of what's going on in college football; you can tell she watches ESPN.


She's nice, but as mentioned, sarcastic. If you say something that's plainly wrong in replying to a question, she may point out that that was stupid, the more so if it was clear you would not have said what you did had you done the reading. Her sarcasm is the kind that will make a good portion of the class laugh, but won't necessarily make you feel awful. Her system for calling on students is a panel system that rotates around the room, much like Professor Crump. It'll be three people, then the next class the three people who were sitting next to the previous three people. There is no penalty for skipping days you may be on panel, but I can't remember if there is if you show up and happen to be on panel and aren't prepared. The other classes I took with her were Payment Systems and Regulation of Banking. All classes were enjoyable, and all the exams were fair.


Generally, her exams will consist of half MC, and half essay, with the exception of Regulation of Banking, which was all essay. The exams are entirely open-book/note/anything. In Payment Systems and Secured Finance the class is taught by doing problems in class. These are statute-based courses, so there is not a lot of common law; the focus is on the statutes and working through the problems in the book which teaches you to apply the statute. She's a great professor, and actually one with finance/business knowledge. This is probably one of the reasons I liked the way she taught so much.


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